Climbing Frames – Sue Hackman

Many colleagues will be familiar with Sue’s name and reputation; formerly National Director of the National Strategies and Chief Adviser at the DfE, and an English teacher at heart. Sue was an APP author and pioneer and has created a model for tracking progress in the new curriculum using the principles behind APP. Details from the publisher:

Sue Hackman, a Former Chief Adviser on School Standards at the DfE, has used her extensive experience and a close, analytical reading of the new curriculum to create the framework.

Climbing Frames covers the complete new National Curriculum in both

primary and secondary phases and will enable your school to:

Apply an approach that is familiar and intuitive to use

Ensure assessments are meeting the new curriculum

Simplify managing pupils’ transition between key stages

Ensure consistent, evidence-based pupil assessments

Quickly identify who is on, below or above trajectory to succeed

Support pupils who are slipping off course

Stretch students who are exceeding expectations

Plan future lessons to meet all pupils’ needs more precisely

It is also simplicity itself to implement.

This is because it uses a format that is familiar to teachers, pupils and parents, while improving upon how individual pupil’s progress is measured. This means that it will take very little training to get teachers up to speed using Climbing Frames, and you will quickly build a full picture of pupil progress at your school.

Climbing Frames combines print and digital elements in the framework. This will help you build a 360 degree view of your pupils’ attainment, building a clear, consistent picture about the performance of individual pupils, classes, years, subjects, cohorts and teachers

Here is a sample from the Climbing Frames materials:

Climbing Frames

I’d be really interested in your feedback…


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