A month since our conference…

Having invested a lot of our efforts on supporting schools to establish their core beliefs and principles around assessment the PLC felt it was the right time to focus on whole-school accountability and strategies for monitoring standards. On Thursday 12th March the ‘Assessment Beyond Levels’ PLC  hosted a conference for 75 school leaders at Moor Hall in Cookham.

Moor Hall

Following a ‘Breakfast Briefing’ on the Reception Baseline Assessments from Fiona Carter at Early Excellence we started the day with a keynote presentation from Steve Anwyll (formerly Head of National Assessment at Ofqual). Steve enabled colleagues to secure their knowledge and understanding about national standards and expectations and how the changes to national assessment procedures will impact upon schools.

Steve Anwyll

Steve Anwyll

The second keynote presentation, led by Darren Ellsum, explored the importance of designing an assessment system that is based on the school’s curriculum and the principle of securing age-related competencies for all learners. Delegates considered how progression in mathematical concepts could be signposted using key objectives. We investigated our definition of “exceeding” expectations in the context of a mastery curriculum; thinking carefully about what “deep learning” might involve.

Darren Ellsum

Darren Ellsum

Workshops in the afternoon were facilitated by members of the PLC and other school leaders, as well as representatives from OUP (working with two of our schools) and the University of Reading.

Feedback from the day has been overwhelmingly positive and subsequently many school-based colleagues have remarked how useful the event was for developing their thinking and crystallizing a way forward for them. If you were unable to attend the conference but would like to access the presentations, please follow this link: RBWM Assessment Beyond Levels Conference 12.3.15

We would be grateful that if you do access the materials you respect their authorship and credit the source when sharing with others.


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