Assessment Commission, FLiC software and making growth mindset real…some recent reading

The DfE announcement of a new ‘Commission on Assessment Without Levels’ came hot on the heels of the response to the consultation to the draft performance descriptors The remit of the commission seems very similar to the role that the Assessment Fund Innovation Award winners were given about a year ago, but perhaps more far-reaching. The Commission is due to report in July.

Durrington is one of the AIF winning schools, and many of you will be familiar with the ‘Growth & Thresholds’ model developed by the school. Most recently the Headteacher, Shaun Allison, has been writing about strategies to develop learning behaviours that realise the growth mindset attitude: and subsequently This is an area that many of our schools are exploring and I’ve worked with a number of colleagues over the last two years or so to facilitate professional learning around growth mindset. Shaun Allison got me thinking about how we need to keep reminding ourselves about our ethos and values, enacting what we believe in and helping our young learners to find ways to demonstrate strong behaviours for learning.

Shaun Allison Headteacher Durrington School

Shaun Allison
Headteacher Durrington School

Those of you who follow Michael Tidd (or indeed use his assessment key objectives) will know about his endorsement of FLiC software. This has been produced by the Riding Forward Teaching School Alliance, and the homepage is here:

Finally, as a network member of the National Literacy Trust I came across a suite of assessment resources created by West Sussex LA in partnership with several local schools. I would recommend reading through their rationale and principles before accessing the road-maps for progression in reading and writing. The resources are very explicitly focused on key criteria taken from the NC PoS whilst also incorporating some of the best bits about APP, e.g. the structure. As I worked for an APP pilot LA (like West Sussex) I am also to use what we learned from that experience to inform future practice. Thanks to the team at West Sussex for sharing their materials: West Sussex assessment resources.



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