What follows is a series of links to documents that we have been reading and sharing. This includes details of approaches from the Assessment Innovation Fund award-winning schools, guidance from OFSTED and presentations from conferences we have attended.

West Sussex Assessment Materials

Penn Wood Primary Key Docs

Assessment Fund Models

Bilton Academy assessment approach

Durrington School AWL approach

Durrington School assessment model

Durrington School Scheme of Work template

Trinity Academy approach

Trinity Academy English assessment model

 OFSTED – Notes for Inspectors re assessment (Sept. 2014)

Herts for Learning Assessment Model

Great research paper from NCTL:

Beyond Levels: alternative assessment approaches developed by teaching schools – NCTL (Sept. 2014)

A useful synthesis of ideas and guidance:

A Practical Guide to Assessment Without Levels – InfoMentor (Sept. 2014)

Recent conference presentations:

AAIA Conference Materials

Capita Conference Materials

Visible Progress with Learning Loops

Some questions for Subject Leaders to consider:

Life Without Levels – some prompts for Subject Leaders (Improve English resource)






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